Cyprus Investment Funds

Investment Services

Our team can provide advisory support towards authorisation and registration of a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF), an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) or an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). We can prepare the application file in accordance with current regulatory requirements and follow up the application to approval.

AIternative Investments Funds (AIFs)

Cyprus is now combining its proven tax efficient regime with the required infrastructure for the fund’s industry to create a new dynamic and competitive European hub for fund management and administration. It now offers a modern and flexible legislative framework to all Alternative Investment funds types within European AFMD Directive enabling EU Passporting for AIF’s.

Flexibility – Any asset can be included in the investment strategy of the AIF

Cypriot Citizenship – An Investor can apply for Cyprus Citizenship, thus enjoying the benefits of an EU Passport, by investing €2m in a Cyprus AIF, investing within the Republic of Cyprus.

Self Managed Funds – Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus may be managed by their Board of Directors not requiring a Fund Manager saving on ongoing costs and efficiency.

Stock Exchange Listing – Cyprus AIF’s may be listed in Cyprus or any other Stock Exchanges or listing of the fund in international information services.

No Capital Gains Tax – Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus avoid the payment of any capital gains tax (GGT) on disposal or redemption of fund units.

Double Tax treaty Network – Cyprus AIF’s established as “companies” are classified as such in accordance to the 50+ DTT’s of Cyprus with investment destinations worldwide.

Umbrella Funds – Fund in Cyprus may be established as umbrella funds with segregated sub-funds with differing investment policies, asset types and investor base.

Simple Regulator Reporting – The regulator in Cyprus is not imposing excessive reporting requirements for the funds or its Fund Manager.

No withholding Tax on Dividents – Any dividend distributed to the unit holders of the a Cyprus AIFs is tax exempt and no tax is withheld on such amounts.

No VAT on Fund Managers – All Management Services provided by a Fund Manager to an Alternative Investment Fund in Cyprus are fully exempted from VAT duty.

Our Services

Setting Up and Licencing – Preparation and submission of an application package to CySEC to obtain a license, including advice on the best way to set up the fund as regards staffing, organisational structure and costs.

Legal and Compliance Services – Establishment of the Legal Entity, ongoing legal support and compliance regarding the affairs, agreements and structuring of the fund and any subsidiary entities.

Administration, Audit and Internal Audit Services – Ongoing provision through our associated companies of Audit, Internal Audit and Administration services.

Tax Services – Provide advise as to the tax structure involved including the structure involved between the fund and the investments in a way as to maintain tax efficiency for the manager and unitholders.

Fiduciary and Custodian Services – Provision of fiduciary services to the fund, its subsidiaries and its unit holders including all custodian services required by the fund in relation to investments in non-regulated financial instruments.