Appointment of Corporate Directors 
For a Cyprus registered company to be considered as a tax resident of Cyprus, it is proposed that local resident Directors are appointed to affect the management and control of the company as required by the law. Our firm provides directorship services to permit clients to obtain Cyprus corporate tax residence status 

Appointment of Company Secretary 
The Secretary acts under the control and the instructions of the Directors and keeps under his/her control all legal documents of the company and carries out administrative duties which are not of executive nature.  

Provision of Registered Address 
Every Company must have a Registered Office which shall be its official address in Cyprus. This official address serves as the office of correspondence for authorities or individuals, serving address within the jurisdiction etc. The provision and maintenance of the Registered Office of the Company will be arranged by us in our premises. 

Appointment of Branch Authorized Representative 
A Cyprus Branch must have an Authorized Representative. The Authorized Representative is the primary administrative contact of the Cyprus Branch and may or may not have executive duties in relation to the Branch.  

Appointment of Nominee Shareholders 
The owners of the share of the company may appoint nominee shareholders who shall be acting on their behalf as registered shareholders. The actual ownership always remains with the beneficial owners of the shares under either a fixed or another form of trust. The set up of a trust and appointment of nominee shareholder will be arranged by us in accordance to the beneficial owner wishes. 


Opening Of Bank Account And Provision Of Bank Signatories

 Our office maintains close working relationships with all local banks, offering a wide range of bank accounts services, both to companies and to individuals. Our bank account services include: 

  • Bank account opening with local and international banks; 
  • Provision of bank signatories. 
  • Process and execution of banking instructions; 
  • Liaising with the Banks for the provision of Bank Guarantees and Credit Facilities 


Escrow Services 

 We can act as the escrow agent in transactions, making sure that funds and documents change hands at the appropriate point of time, thereby eliminating client’s risks and protecting their interests. Acting as an independent third party, we will make the necessary arrangements to hold assets in escrow and disburse them only when predetermined conditions are met.